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Nigel George Romeril, 35+ years driving
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No one is going to make you a fake driving licence unless you give them quite a lot of money.
You could use it for all sorts of criminal actions and if you were caught you might tell the police where you came by it.
I have looked at mine, a standard EU style laminated photo licence, and even a cursory examination reveals several security features in the licence.
I guess the only way to make a fake would be to take a real one and carefully cut and change it, anyone who did that would be getting into pretty hot water.

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There are several places on line. Just Google . These are used mostly for theatrical purposes and as novelties. As such, their manufacture is fully protected by the 1st amendment of the United States constitution here in the United States. Buying these with the intent of committing fraud or other illegal activity is illegal, obviously.

Mike Wilsher, I have had tactical driving training.

Awww another kid trying to commit a felony,…

Did you know that in some jurisdictions this is a felony. Also anyone helping you may become an accessory to the crime and may be receive the same penalties as well. And if the accessory to the crime is an adult the penalties can be quite severe.

You might want to give this a rethink.

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